About us

Bullshack Pups is a company dedicated to the importation and exportation of bulldogs. Our success is based on our deep knowledge of care for these beautiful animals, with the aim of offering high-quality dogs to families committed to caring for them and providing them with happy and healthy lives. That is why we invest great effort in taking care of our bulldogs, both young and old, to certify the highest quality of life for our dogs and to dissociate from breeders and vendors who prioritize profits.

Bullshack Pups was founded in 2010 in Miami, Florida. We started our development in the sale of bulldogs locally and over time, we were able to open our doors to the international market with a direct sales option. As we grow, we continue to work in the improvement of our breeding sites; using the best practices in animal healthcare to provide our bulldogs with an excellent style and quality of life.

One of the crucial aspects of our business is the transport logistics of these beautiful animals. Fortunately, we are partnered with one of the best logistics company in import and export From Colombia; JB Logística. This company certifies an effective delivery either at the address of our buyer or at the airport agreed to with the buyer. JB Logística is responsible for taking special care of our bulldogs and providing a comfortable and safe trip to their destinations.

Since we are committed to providing a high quality and trustworthy service, we decided to open our headquarters in Florida, U.S.A. and from here we import our bulldogs from Colombia and take care of all the legal documentation of transportation and health. Only after they have been certified to be in excellent health after their trip from Colombia, do we then deliver them to your home. This guarantee the safety of our bulldogs and the satisfaction of our customers.

We currently have delivery of our bulldogs to the following destinations:

Estados Unidos

New york, Miami
Fort Lauderdale
Los Angeles



Our values

Bullshack Pups is guided by the principles of trust, care, quality, and transparency. Our principles in action make a noticeable difference and generate added value in our service.

Our team

Our team is divided into three departments: Import and Export Logistics, Sales, and Care. Each department has a professional staff, trained and certified in their respective areas of work, so we can ensure the handling, export, and import bulldogs through a safe shipping procedure and a suitable customer service. Our key is based on good communication, both internally and with our customers, guaranteeing client satisfaction in the search, purchase and transport of your new puppy.