Our Bulldogs puppies Guarantee

At Bullshackpups, we do everything we can to make sure your puppy is 100% healthy when they arrive at your home, however you should keep in mind that health problems can appear at any time due to natural causes.

Before the puppy arrives home, he or she has been through extensive veterinary health controls including:

- Coprological Exam

- Examination of Breath in the heart

- Hemogram

- Medical certificate

- Vaccination card

- ABKC (The person must send their personal information so the ABKC papers will be in their name and not Bullshackpups. According to the policies of ABKC, the certificate will be ready from 3 to 6 months (working days).

We seek to guarantee the quality of life of the puppies in the respective home of our buyers.

Guarantees that we offer:

Our guarantee of the initial 10 days:

If within 10 calendar days of the puppy's arrival at your home, you detect any anomaly in the health of your puppy you should take it to a veterinarian, if the veterinarian confirms and certifies that he has a contagious infectious disease, Bullshackpups will offer a new puppy to your family with the same characteristics and breed in a maximum time of 4 months. You must notify immediately if health anomalies occur in your puppy so that it can be stated that it was presented during the first 10 days. Use whatever means of communication you prefer to notify us.

The guarantee of the first 10 days refers to health anomalies such as the incubation of some parasite(gastrointestinal parasites, heartworms, tapeworms)or viral diseases (parvovirus, distemper, leptospira and coronavirus) acquired before reaching your home. If any of the anomalies are detected or occur after the first 10 days, it is because the virus or parasite was acquired AFTER delivery to our buyer and therefore we will no longer be responsible for the puppy.

8 months guarantee:

If within the first 8 months from the date of arrival of the bulldog to your home, you take your puppy to a veterinarian of your choice (certified in veterinary medicine and authorized to practice) and the results of the tests show a hereditary condition (brachycephalic syndrome, cleft lip / palate, entropion, hemivertebra, histiocytic ulcerative colitis, Intervertebral disk disease, cataracts or hemophilia, among other options) that negatively affects the health of the dog, you must notify Bullshackpups within the first three calendar days following the results. The guarantee consists of us replacing the puppy with one of similar characteristics to the previous one, and the buyer returning the current puppy with the genetic deficiency (Bullshackpups will not pay for the return shipment).

Bullshackpups will reimburse the client for X% of the money spent on the medical procedure, in case where there are discrepancies between the respective results. The money will be reimbursed during the following 30 calendar days, it can be in cash or in a purchase bonus of one of our available puppies.

What does the guarantee not cover?

Below are the points on which we don’t offer warranty:

- Injuries or accidents, referring to:

- Injuries caused by people,

- Accidents or falls

- Injuries related to cars,

- Injuries and diseases resulting from or related to veterinary procedures (for example, sterilization or castration procedures, tail coupling, etc.).

- Ingestion of unhealthy things

- Suffocation

- Scratches

- Abuse

- Insect bites

- Contagious diseases or parasites that are diagnosed after the first 10 days after the arrival of the puppy.

- Hereditary diseases diagnosed more than 8 months after the arrival of the puppy.

What are your duties and obligations as the new father of our bulldog puppies?

Before taking home one of our bulldog puppies, you should know that having a puppy is like having a child. Dogs are living beings that are ready to give love, loyalty, affection and fun. Therefore, it’s important that you, as parents, through health care and prevention, return the love given by them. As such, we recommend the following:

 -Visits to a good veterinarian, certified and / or licensed in veterinary medicine, to keep the puppy up to date on vaccines and to prevent diseases.

-Proper diet with quality food.

-Proper grooming.

-Learning about the care of this breed though our social networks or online through reputable organizations.

-DO NOT apply any vaccines during the first 10 days (as your puppy will arrive with vaccines) to avoid excessive vaccination.