Transport and shipments of our bulldog puppies.

We deliver our Bulldogs to any home in the United States and Canada safely by plane. We take care of the relevant controls and medical exams to ensure the health of our puppies.

Travel protocol of our bulldog puppies:

-The airport's expert staff in pets and animals check that the puppies are in good physical condition to travel.

-They also check the documentation, vaccination and certificate of life where it should be evident that the puppy can travel by plane.

-Our puppies have all the required vaccines at the time of travel.

-Puppies will have water available for their entire trip, usually they are not fed to avoid dizziness and nausea. A good diet is provided before the trip.

Methods of delivery of our bulldog puppies:

-Our puppies can be delivered in the name of the buyer at the airport of the town where the buyer resides.

-Our puppies can be delivered directly to the residence address of our buyer.

-For each delivery method the shipping cost varies. 


We have ground transportation available when there are approximately 10 hours of road from our location of distribution (MIAMI/KISSIMMEE), a fee of (300) dollars will be added and the puppy will arrive directly at the door of your home.

Itinerary of our Bulldogs:

The travel itinerary is sent digitally to the buyer through the social network that that the person defines: email, Whatsapp, Facebook or Instagram. Our itinerary will include information on:

- Airline

- Flight number

- Boarding time

- Landing time

          - Company responsible for shipping

          - Person responsible for picking up the puppy.

- The buyer will maintain direct contact through video calls with his puppy until minutes before boarding the plane.

- The buyer can interact by video call any day before their trip, but an appointment request must be made, the appointment is required so that our staff can organize their agenda.

Payment options to begin the shipment of your chosen puppy.

-The buyer provides the total payment through our website

-The buyer transfers 50% of the value of the puppy to our bank account in the United States or through the Zell application.

-The buyer requests a PayPal payment link.

-The buyer sends a check for 50% of the value of the puppy to our address in Miami (request the address information on our website specifically in customer service, or on Facebook or Instagram).

Once you pay with any of the methods named above, we will begin with the process of sending the puppy to your home, and each of the conditions for transportation and shipping will be fulfilled.

Guarantee on sending our bulldog puppies to their new home:

Cases in which we don’t send our Bulldog puppies:

-When the respective medical controls show that the puppy is not able to travel. We will inform the buyer and he will define if he waits for the bulldog to go through health checks, or select another puppy, or request a refund of his money. In this case, 100% of the amount previously paid by the customer is reimbursed.

-When the client requests cancellation of the purchase made. In this case, 65% of the value previously paid by the buyer is returned, this due to expenses in logistics and loss of opportunities for sale of the puppy.

Changes in the delivery date

-When the flight is canceled on the airline and the trip can’t be rebooked on the same day. The buyer is informed of the change in the itinerary and is re-booked based on the availability of the airline.

-When there’s a delay in the scheduled flight, the buyer is informed about the new time or day of delivery.